OOE Chats With: Ashley Allen


Ashley Allen’s fun, sparkly brand of pop music is steadily capturing attention. Her new EP ‘Body Say No, Heart Say Yes’ is filled with positive anthems that are impossible to sit still to. We caught up with Ashley to chat with her about the EP, her songwriting process, and how she stays upbeat in the industry. Check it out below and pick up ‘Body Say No, Heart Say Yes’ on Itunes!

by Paige Kochanski

Open Our Eyes: Tell us about your new EP, ‘Body Say No, Heart Say Yes.’ What was your inspiration behind the songs?

Ashley Allen: ‘Body Say No, Heart Say Yes’ EP is an upbeat, fun record that’s purpose was really just to introduce myself. I left out ballads on this EP for a reason. I wanted people to know who I am before I left my guard down.

OOE: What is your favourite part about the recording process?

AA: I loved everyday when I would go into the studio. I always had so much fun and I was working with such amazing people that the entire process itself was my favorite part.

OOE: How was working with Cash Cash? Do you prefer collaborating on ideas or working alone?

AA: I love collaborating with people, especially Cash Cash. I am a firm believer that two heads are better then one. Its always fun to feed off of each others ideas.

OOE: You just finished up your “High School Nation” tour. How were the shows?

AA: The shows were amazing. I had the best time ever and I met so many people I will never forget.

OOE: What has been the most memorable moment you have had while touring?

AA: The last day of tour the entire crew/artists went on stage with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas and we all sang “I Gotta Feeling.” That definitely was a very epic moment for all of us.

OOE: Open Our Eyes raises awareness about mental health and the positivity music brings to those suffering. A big message in your music is positivity. What is your advice to fans to try and incorporate this message to their every day life?

AA: Growing up is very hard. However, it’s possible to defeat the odds. I mean, hey, look at me. Nothing gets better until you get better. Pushing through the pain is worth it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its worth the pain when you get there.

OOE: How does it feel to know that your music has helped fans get through a hard time or a situation?

AA: I love it. I love that I can help someone through my music. It’s very rewarding.

OOE: In difficult times, is there any specific music or bands that you turn to?

AA: The Used ‘Taste of Ink’ album for sure. I’m pretty sure I still have that on repeat somewhere.

OOE: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

AA: Well, I just moved out to LA so that’s been fun. Really just to keep writing and get more music out!


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