Warped Favorites: Sleeper Agent

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

We’re continuing this month’s Warped Favorites theme with the band known as Sleeper Agent. Formed in 2009 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Sleeper Agent includes members Alex Kandel (vocals), Tony Smith (guitar/vocals), Justin Wilson (drums), Lee Williams (bass), Scott Gardner (keys/synths), and Josh Martin (guitar). The band has experienced a fast amount of support for their music and it’s no surprise why. They spark and pop with energy onstage and off, as evident in their debut album Celebrasion, released in late 2011. Their music in tinted with a vintage 1970’s tone that accents the cool, punk attitude that characterizes their sound. They have expanded on that sound this year with their second album About Last Night, an album that demonstrates their growth and ability to have fun with music.  Having toured with popular acts such as Cage the Elephant, Fun., and Wavves, Sleeper Agent have the unique talent of always standing out onstage and will definitely be the band to watch on this year’s Warped Tour.

Pick up tickets to the show here and get their new album About Last Night on Itunes.


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