Warped Favorites: The Maine

Words by Paige Kochanski

After a five year break and the release of four albums, countless tours and somewhat of a musical transformation, The Maine are heading back to Warped Tour for what will be a summer to remember.

Officially formed in 2007 in Tempe, Arizona, the band, consisting of John O’Callaghan, Pat Kirch, Jared Monaco, Kennedy Brock and Garrett Nickelsen, have spent the last seven years building up their rock and roll empire.

Fans first saw the band go from the polished pop rock of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” to the grittier sound of “Black and White” in 2010, but they still hadn’t fully found their place yet. With the self-released album number three, “Pioneer,” the confidence and progression is eminent, and The Maine officially had become one of the best rock bands in our music scene. With their 2013 release, “Forever Halloween,” the band solidified that idea further by recording it live and capturing the genuine authenticity and passion in every note. June 17th will bring a re-release of the album, “Forever Halloween: Deluxe Edition,” with five new tracks.

The Maine have become a very DIY style band. It is evident by how they release their music, to their 8123 family, to how they interact with every fan possible via social media and at shows. It’s rare to find another band with as much passion as these five have. It’s very refreshing to see people with so much love for what they do and their fan base, full of determination to become the best they can possibly be. Whether you’re an old fan or just passing on your way to Yellowcard, check out a set by The Maine. You may just find your new favourite band.

Keep up with The Maine on Twitter and get your tickets for the Van’s Warped Tour here.


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