Warped Favorites: State Champs

Words by Sarah Hoffman

For any fan of the pop-punk genre, State Champs is a must-see on Warped Tour this summer. The New York natives formed the band in 2010, but found their niche in the music scene fairly quickly. After releasing just a demo EP and their debut EP, Apparently, I’m Nothing in 2011, the band found themselves making quite a splash in the music scene that resulted in their signing to Pure Noise Records. Just three years after their inception, the band released their debut full-length album The Finer Things, that found its way onto the Billboard Heatseekers chart in the number two spot. Since then, they’ve toured the US and spent some time overseas with the likes of The Wonder Years, A Loss For Words, Bayside, and Motion City Soundtrack.

Just a few months ago, I saw State Champs open for We Are The In Crowd on their headlining tour with William Beckett, Set It Off, and Candy Hearts.  Following Candy Hearts, the band immediately captured the attention of the entire crowd and put on an unforgettable show that I have no doubt they will bring to Warped Tour.

Keep up with State Champs on Facebook and get ticket to the Van’s Warped Tour here.


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