Bands to Watch: Chvrches

Words by Bethany Polson

Some bands take longer to become well known than others, but CHVRCHES is not one of those bands. About a year after Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty combined to form new competition in the electronic music genre, they were a household name of sorts when it comes to indie music listeners worldwide. Their musical styling pulls in fans of Dan Croll and St. Lucia who are known for their far out, almost but not poppy vibes.

These English natives had each worked on separate musical projects before CHVRCHES success including Aereogramme, The Unwinding Hours, The Twilight Sad, and Blue Sky Archives. None of the band members’ previous projects sounded quite like the music that made them famous now but nonetheless had an impact on who they are as artists today.

As we at Open Our Eyes like to focus on the positive escape that music brings, CHVRCHES’ lavish sound can help turn a less than perfect day into something purposeful; closing your eyes and imagining the better outcomes tomorrow can hold.

If you’re looking for a new band to enjoy this summer, listen to CHVRCHES debut album The Bones Of What You Believe. Like them on Facebook to keep up with their overwhelming progress and follow them on Twitter for even more details!


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