Bands To Watch: Ghost Town


Words by Paige Kochanski


The internet has changed the way fans look at music. Genres are less important and exclusive and are instead treated as an equal playing field where they can be meshed. One band who has paved their own path and created a hybrid of rock and electronic music is California’s Ghost Town.

Ghost Town is comprised of four members: Kevin Ghost, Evan Pearce, Alix Monster and MannYtheDrummeR. The band’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Their first song went viral quickly and they capitalized on the sudden success, by writing and releasing one song each week, known as “Ghost Town Tuesday.” The ambition that the band had did not slow down, and they were soon signed to Fueled By Ramen and touring with bands such as Mariana’s Trench and playing Warped Tour.

The band has a unique relationship with their fanbase. The two grew together from the beginning and have harnessed that energy ever since. With a goal to treat all their fans like family and show them that any dream can be achieved, they’ve created a positive music community within their shared universe.

The band also has a strong connection with artist, Alister Dippner, who does all the artwork related to the music. Each piece of art is unique and representative of the music itself.

Ghost Town are an example what the future of music sounds like. Something different that pushes the boundaries that most fans have come to accept and expect. It’s an exciting time for music, and an even better time to check out Ghost Town.

Ghost Town’s new album, ‘The After Party’ is available now on Itunes. Check them out on tour this summer and keep up with them on Twitter.


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