Bands To Watch: Pentimento

Words by Paige Kochanski

Pentimento are a four piece band hailing from Buffalo, New York. Vincent Caito, Lance Claypool, Micheal Hansen and Jeramiah Pauly started the band in 2010, with an intent to do it for the love of music. They used that mindset of genuine passion and projected it to each piece of the band, from the way they connect and interact with fans to the lyrics within the songs. With this, it captures a very honest emotion in each line and creates a way for fans to interpret and apply the songs to their own life, whether that means finding their own meanings or connecting it to a memory of happiness or struggles.

In 2012, the band put out their debut, self-titled album. The eleven songs are a perfect display of the band as a whole, consequently encouraging a development of comparisons to the punk rock grit of Brand New and Saves The Day, yet still leaning on the deep roots of pop punk. The album was released for free, due to conflicts with the band’s former label. Fans immediately supported the band by donating money through Paypal, to help with the costs of the record. In addition, they’ve released two EPs, ‘Wrecked’ and ‘Inside The Sea’, both following the pure excellence that we’ve seen in the full length.

Penitmento are an example of an extremely authentic, genuine and hardworking band in today’s music scene. In a time when music seems to have a filter over what fans see, it’s refreshing to have something so raw and real to enjoy. It’s about getting back to the basics, and Pentimento are doing just that.

The band just concluded a co-headlining tour in the U.S. with Have Mercy and Gates. In the fall, they will be playing both dates of Riot Fest in Toronto, as well as Fest 13 in Gainesville, Florida.

Keep up with Pentimento on facebook and pick up their EP ‘Inside The Sea’ on Paper + Plastic.


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