Bands To Watch: New Politics

Opening for everybody ever recently, New Politics has been tearing up stages all over the world. This Danish trio is known for their pop rock, almost dance sound that sends fans reeling. True performers, David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Louis Vecchio are known for their flips, jumps, dancing, and crowd surfing techniques that make for a playful, interactive concert.

A humble start, in 2009 the band entered a radio station competition and was selected from a group of almost a thousand entries.  In the end, the band and 3 other winners were chosen to perform on a major stage in Denmark; this led to them getting signed to RCA. Since then, the band has released two studio albums, first, a self-titled release (2010) and more recently “A Bad Girl in Harlem” (2013). Best known single to date is “Harlem”, off of their newest LP. The single charted 110 in the US and has been featured in commercials and the trailer for the Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler comedy Blended.

New Politics is not unused to tour life as they’ve opened for a variety of talent.  Opening for Fall Out Boy’s American spring tour in 2013, then later in that same year for Pink and Panic! At The Disco. On their first headline tour, starting in 2014, they included Sleeper Agent and Magic Man to entertain crowds of around a thousand. This summer they’ve been opening for much larger crowds on the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy and Paramore. Their next American headlining tour begins this fall and includes Bad Suns and SomeKindaWonderful.

Listen to New Politics on Spotify, pick up tickets to their headlining tour this fall, and check them out on Monumentour now!


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