We need your help!


Almost everything with Open Our Eyes is given at no monetary cost and though we put just as much time and energy into this community as we would a full-time job, no one on our team receives monetary compensation.  Open Our Eyes has always been this way and we’d like to keep it that way but this is not possible without your help.  If Open Our Eyes has impacted your life in any way, we encourage you to give back.  We’re looking for individuals to invest in our community for one year by donating $10 a month.

We keep our monthly awareness shows at $5 or less and most of them we try to offer free of charge.  However, we still have to pay the cost of the venue rental and travel expenses for the bands and host.  We’d like to continue bringing our message to all of you in person but this creates travel expenses.  And the festivals many of you ask us to be a part of?  Festival fees.  We’d like to begin offering more merchandise than our Jac Vanek collaboration bracelets, which presents production costs.  And this website you’re reading this on?  It costs us monthly.  We’d like to be able to offer you an even snazzier one with more features soon.

All of these things and more, your monthly contributions will go to.  Once you sign up, you will receive a monthly newsletter via email letting you know exactly what’s going on in our community and how your money helped.

If you are interested in being a monthly contributor, the easiest way to do this is through Paypal but we’re open to you mailing a check, sending a carrier pigeon or whatever is easiest for you.  Send an email to brittny@openoureyes.org to get started.


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