Tuesday Tunes: Variety Edition

OOE collage Dollhouse


If there is one thing I’m proud of concerning our writers (and there are many, many things I’m proud of when it comes to this team), it’s their diverse taste in music. We’ve compiled a truly extraordinary playlist for you this week to jam along to. So get out your headphones and pretend like you’re in the most varied and awesome music video ever. And as always, make sure you listen to all the songs listed below on our Spotify. We’ve put them all in one neat little playlist for you because we’re nice like that.

1. Cool Kids-Echosmith

2. Runaway-Ed Sheeran

3. Girls-The 1975

4. Secrets-Mary Lambert ft. B.O.B.

5. Rap for Rejection-Kate Nash

6. Cecilia & The Satellite-Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

7. Room with No Windows-The Maine

8. Sic Transit Gloria-Brand New

9. There’s a Class For This-Cute Is What We Aim For

10. Winter-Daughter

11. Little Earthquakes-Imperial Mammoth

12. You Ain’t Woman Enough (Loretta Lynn tribute)-Paramore

13. Bel Air-Lana Del Rey

14. Carousel-Melanie Martinez

15. Patient Like A Lamb-Workman Song

16. Anna Sun-Walk the Moon

17. Mountain Jam-The Allman Brothers Band

18. Heart Tattoo-Joyce Manor

19. One-Eighty by Summer-Taking Back Sunday

20. Black Sap Scriptures-Plague Vendor


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