Shows You Should See: Monumentour




When the announcement of Monumentour was leaked on the night of January 8th, fans started to frenzy all over the social media atmosphere. You heard the opening to “The Phoenix” which pretty much introduces the video; you see two bodyguards standing in front in a white sheet, and a few seconds later you see Fall Out Boy and Paramore walk up to them with cans of spray paint. Thoughts are racing through your mind, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???” From twitter to tumblr, the band fandoms started to break, and there was no way either of the bands could deny.

Now onto the day of the concert. Destination, Concord Pavillion, Concord, California, only about an hour and a half away. Driving there wasn’t too bad, but being at the venue was a nightmare. From what I heard, the security didn’t know how to handle a crowd like this, which ended up being more than true. I wasn’t going to let that get me down though because Fall Out Boy and Paramore were both playing. After sitting in the sun for five and a half hours, making new friends and several empty bottles of water later, gates were opening, and concert goers (including myself) ran with anticipation. Finally we’re inside, and though we were already worn out from the heat, we had to wait once we got inside the venue about another hour or so to actually get to the stage. So far I give this venue two out of five stars. Eventually everyone got to where they needed to be or where their tickets told them to be. Once New Politics took the stage everything officially set in: Monumentour is here!

Let’s begin with the opening to the co-headliner tour, New Politics. These three boys aren’t from the states, they’re actually from Denmark, and have been around for half a decade. In 2009 they released their single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, and that punk rock anthem put them on the map. New Politics has this catchy upbeat sound that makes you want to hum along to their songs. Recently, they broke the news that they are signing to Pete Wentz’s record label DCD2 (aka Decaydance Records).  The Denmark trio was killing it on stage from back flips to head stands. These boys knew how to put on a show, and fans were loving it.

Photo by Hayley Valoppi   

About an hour or so later Paramore took the stage. Before opening up with “Still Into You”, their set was introduced with this amazing light show. Full of color, flashing lights screaming PARAMORE, and confetti. Only one song into their set, and I was already impressed. During their set I could not help but think that this band has gone so far both as a band and as individuals. This year marks ten years of Paramore. Ten years as a band and four studio albums later is incredible. As the show went on, on a personal level it was kind of an emotional rollercoaster, and that was only because 1. I have never seen Paramore and 2. this band has done so much for not only me, but so many others for the last ten years. Paramore played a wide range of songs from ‘All We Know Is Falling’ to to their single “Decode” off of the “Twilight Soundtrack.” Overall their set was very feel good and enjoyable. Lead singer Hayley Williams couldn’t help but interact with crowd. She just couldn’t help it. Which made it even better because what I find is that bands that do not interact with the crowd as much becomes boring. Luckily that was not the case with this band. Paramore finished off with their massive single “Ain’t It Fun.”

Photo by Hayley Valoppi

After Paramore left the stage, the Monumentour crew threw up a white sheet to conceal what Fall Out Boy’s set would look like, and took down Paramore’s set. Meanwhile we fans played the waiting game. As you’re sitting there, you see that the lighting on the white sheet was flashing, followed by fireworks popping, and then you hear this announcement, “Whether you live your dreams or live your fears …”. It’s time for Fall Out Boy to take the stage. Center stage you see Andy sitting with his drums, and the rest of them? Patrick, Joe, and Pete rise from the back of where Andy is sitting. “Put on your war paint!” Patrick yells. Fall Out Boy continues to impress every time I see them, and they get so creative with what their set looks like. As the boys finished “The Phoenix” Pete warmly welcomes everyone, “Welcome to Monumentour!” Fall Out Boy played a wide variety of songs from their most recent album to their old albums. I for one one was pretty stoked they played
“A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me””. As Monumentour finally came to an end,the boys finished off the night with “Saturday”.

Monumentour was a kickass show, and a lot of fans have been wanting this for quite sometime. It was indeed an experience to remember and memories to cherish for a long time. What I enjoyed the most was meeting other fans in line and making new friends with them because you pretty much have the same thing in common. Everyone comes from a different background, but a lot of our stories are similar. From Paramore to Fall Out Boy to New Politics, Monumentour is now over. Now that it is a lot of us want more! Would there be another tour in the making? Monumentour pt. II? Only time will tell, and until then we can watch endless videos of their sets online.


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