Tuesday Tunes: Best of the Genre-Pop Punk!

We’re big fans of all things pop-punk here at Open Our Eyes. So what better way to celebrate that love than to create a playlist of what we consider the best of the genre. Check out the playlist on our Spotify and share with us what your favorite songs are to circle pit to!

1. My Friends Over You-New Found Glory

2. The Rock Show-Blink 182

3. Holly, Hox Forget Me Not-Saves the Day

4. You Win Some, You Lose Most-My Sweet Fall

5. Simple Existence-State Champs

6. Don’t Let Me Cave In-The Wonder Years

7. Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard

8. The Boys of Summer-The Ataris

9. Daughters-The Story So Far

10. Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing-New Found Glory

11. Thank You & Goodnight-Tonight Alive

12. Breathing-Yellowcard

13. Ready and Willing-New Found Glory

14. Weightless-All Time Low

15. All Signs Point To Lauderdale-A Day To Remember

16. Time to Dance-Panic! At the Disco

17. Miss Sobriety-Cute Is What We Aim For

18. Sadie Hawkins Dance-Relient K


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