Listen To This: Fall Out Boy “Centuries”



My first thought when I heard the opening vocal riff of “Centuries” was “that intro sounds too damn familiar,” and then the first verse kicked in with “SOME LEGENDS ARE TOLD ..” Instant chills went down my spine. Pop punk band Fall Out Boy released “Centuries” on September 8th. I began to wonder why it was so familiar, and then it hit me that the intro to FOB’s new song is from “Tom’s Diner” by Susanne Vega. Band member Pete Wentz took to twitter saying, “This isn’t the end friends. This is just the beginning of something new..” Just let that sink in. What does this mean? This hopefully mean new album, another tour, and more Fall Out Boy. The single hit number one on iTunes alternative charts two days after the release, and then soon enough hitting worldwide. “We’ve been here forever, and here’s the frozen proof, I could scream forever, we are the poisoned youth ..” I could only imagine what went through the mind’s of die hard Fall Out Boy fans. These lyrics are so striking, and uplifting — an anthem for the most part. The song itself is really great, and I look forward to the band’s next album; I can’t even comprehend how they’re going to top Save Rock and Roll, but I know that we’re going to be impressed. I would definitely agree with Wentz, that this is the beginning of something new.

Pick up “Centuries” on Itunes!


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