Tuesday Tunes: Take A Break

OOE Collage-Running With The Boys

I don’t know about you guys, but the past few weeks have been so super busy and stressful; it seems to be affecting not only myself, but everyone around me. If this sounds familiar, then this week remember to take a break, practice some deep breathing, and let go with some great music. Might we make a few suggestions? Head over to our Spotify and get busy unwinding!

1. Running With The Boys – Lights

2. Versus The Mirror – States

3. Can’t Be Broken – Twin Forks

4. How We Do It – Lights

5. Sleep Baby Sleep – Broods

6. Hurricane – MS MR

7. Up, On & Over – Bronze Radio Return

8. Megan – Bayside ft. Josh Caterer

9. Let Me Go – All Get Out

10. Gone Gone Gone – John Ralston

11. Up We Go – Lights

12. Ready and Willing – New Found Glory

13. Meteorites – Lights

14. I’m Not Part of Me – Cloud Nothings

15. Imaginary Person – Ty Segall

16. Fur Eyes – Violent Soho


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