All Time Favorite: Bad Suns ‘Language & Perspective

Music has had more of an impact on my life than I’ll ever be able to express to you in a few paragraphs, but I’ll try my hardest. Hi, my name is Bethany and I’m a junior in college. As you might guess, college is not the easiest period of life. It wasn’t until I began college that I realized I have anxiety and have dealt with depression. These are tough and touchy subjects that I realize a lot of our readers can relate to and also might not want to read about, just a warning. Regardless, music has been a constant in my life throughout all of the ups and downs.

I couldn’t bring myself to pick a favorite album but I was able to pick an album with the most influence on my life recently and that album is ‘Language & Perspective’ by Bad Suns. When I discovered the beginnings of this album, in January, I was going through a particularly rough patch of my life. My anxiety was just rampant and taking a lot of toll on my body and mind. Every song on this album was awesome but the one in particular that I can relate to is “Transpose”. This track goes over the consistent struggle someone with anxiety knows very well and it was so refreshing for me hear. I usually have a hard time relating to anyone with similar issues because we struggle with things differently, as different people; but this song was different. The lyrics “Sleepless nights are new to me” and “No one knows that’s how it goes” really stood out to me. At this time, my anxiety was at the worst it’s ever been and I had no idea how to deal with it. I probably listened to this song fifty times in the first week. It is easy to feel very alone when you’re suffering and no one can tell, but it is not impossible to feel complete again after feeling lost for so long. Music is a great remedy for that.

Other songs on the album that are equally as important when it comes to mental illness are “We Move Like The Ocean” and “Pretend.” “Pretend” is another good song to relate to when you’re feeling lost inside your head. “Your head is filled with unproven thoughts twisting theories into bigger knots” delves into how easy it is to make something bigger than it is involuntarily. When my anxiety is taking over it’s not because I’m illogical or stupid, it’s because my brain will actually not let me get closer to the truth that I’m looking for. “Move Like The Ocean” is all about how life goes on but sometimes you get off track. For me, it means you might be drowning sometimes and it seems like everyone around you is just coasting along, no worries. That can be really hard to imagine but it’s how I feel sometimes and imagine others must as well.

We at Open Our Eyes believe that music has a real impact on people’s everyday lives and that is why we do what we do. Please remember that if you’re going through anything and need help, there are infinite resources available and at your fingertips. You’re a whole person who has a whole purpose laid before you. Don’t let temporary situations feel like forever.


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