Show Review: Mayday Parade ‘The Honeymoon Tour’

Mayday Parade – November 4th ‘The Honeymoon Tour’ at The Garrick Centre

PVRIS and Major League were the first two bands to take the stage. In different ways, they are both coming into the music scene as newer bands. PVRIS formed two years ago, and since then have toured with a number of bands, including A Loss For Words, A Skylit Drive, as well as spending the past summer on Warped Tour. Back in the beginning of the year, Major League parted ways with their vocalist and reformed with their guitarist taking over vocal duties. November 4th is the release date of both PVRIS’s debut album ‘White Noise’ and Major League’s album ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’. Both band’s sets were fantastic and proved that they are highly underrated in the music scene. Being the opening bands visiting a small city you haven’t played before can bring a questionable crowd, but everyone was enjoying themselves and singing along, which was awesome to see.

Tonight Alive’s first set in Winnipeg was marked with excitement. The Australian pop punk band have been touring the past year off their 2013 album, “The Other Side.” With a setlist packed of high energy songs, Tonight Alive were one of the most enthusiastic live bands I had seen in Winnipeg. From the first song, lead singer Jenna McDougall ran from side to side, interacting with the crowd and dancing every second. Though they only had a short time on stage, they took advantage of every second and took over the night. They weren’t the headliners, but they were the most fun set of the night.

Mayday Parade was the final set of the night, and of course, the most anticipated. Mayday kicked off their set with “Jersey,” one of their older and most adored songs. They powered through a set of mainly fan favourites, complete with a beautiful piano ballad by lead singer, Derek Sanders, mid set. This ballad ended with an inspiring speech by Derek about how grateful the band was for everyone, as they are bordering their 10th year as a band, and encouraged fans to never give up. This was the first time that the band had done a headlining tour across Canada. They had previously played in 2011 on All Time Low’s “Gimme Summer Ya Love Tour,” but as every band member pointed out, it’s a complete different thing touring Canada in the summertime, as opposed to the winter-like conditions in October, that seem to get colder and colder each year. A Mayday Parade show always feels very comforting. The band brings a very genuine presence and something different to each show. I had saw them back in 2011 on the All Time Low tour, as well as at Warped Tour, and they adapt to the crowd and environment that they’re in, which is impressive in itself. No two shows will ever be the same, and every fan can count on a fantastic set each time.

Mayday Parade are currently on “The Honeymoon Tour,” with Tonight Alive, Major League and PVRIS, as support. The tour hits cities across North America from October 14th to November 14th.You can catch the tour on the remaining dates, in the United States, and be sure to pick up PVRIS and Major League’s new albums, available now!


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