Tuesday Tunes: I’ll See You At Midnight

OOE Collage I'll See You At Midnight


Sometimes it’s really obvious when a new album comes out that everyone loves. So basically, we’re all listening to the new Pvris album (which, btw is pronounced “Paris” and not “Purvis”; not that I’ve been saying it like that or anything). Check out our playlist this week on Spotify–I promise it’s not just that album.

1. Mirrors-Pvris

2. Money-Peace

3. Thinkin’ Bout You-Frank Ocean

4. My House-Pvris

5. Montreal-Major League

6. Four Winds-Bright Eyes

7. The Place You Love-Have Mercy

8. An Introduction to The Album-The Hotelier

9. Bury Our Friends-Sleater-Kinney

10. Free Spirit-Fictionist

11. Epic Last Song-Does It Offend You, Yeah?

12. The Few That Remain-Set Your Goals ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

13. Fire-Pvris

14. Breezeblocks-Alt-J

15. Eyelids-Pvris

16. Toothpaste Kisses-The Maccabees

17. Melissa-The Allman Brothers Band

18. OutRight-Wild Party

19. All About You-Hilary Duff

20. Steal My Girl-One Direction


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