Album Review: Sir Sly ‘You Haunt Me’

Words by Bethany Polson

You might have heard Sir Sly’s very successful single “Gold” when it hit the radio in 2013. Alternative stations played that tune that gets stuck in your head before you even knew what you were singing pretty often. After hearing “Gold”, you might have looked into Sir Sly and found their likewise named EP. If you were me, you were so enthralled that you bought it and didn’t regret it for one minute. Now, we’ve been given the gift of a whole album, titled ‘You Haunt Me.’

I must say, I was slightly disappointed when I realized the whole EP is on the album, which means less new music. Though, the rest of the album is so good, I can’t complain. Their entire album is catchy and trying to pick a favorite song can borderline ruin your life. Every single song follows the same theme as the last, but in just the right way an album should. The echoing vocals leave you wishing you could leave their album on repeat in your head forever. Spotify lists a ton of artists that are supposedly similar to Sir Sly but I can’t find a way to compare any of them. There’s something incredibly comforting about the relatable narrative we get to follow throughout the entire album.

One of the tracks that was on the album, but also the EP, that particularly settled with me was “Where I’m Going.” The song talks about how easy it is to become jaded when something happens to us and we’re hurt. Terrible things are going to happen in life and people are going to hurt you, but there are ways to make it through those things, sometimes with the help of others. “Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. 1” is another cool one, it starts out upbeat talking about fear and its crippling effects on us sometimes. Later, it slows down, and goes into how people change. There’s a song for everyone and every situation on this long play. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify today or you can grab it on iTunes! Check them out on Facebook, and maybe catch them on tour next year with KONGOS and Colony House!


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