Tuesday Tunes: Tell Me It’s Okay To Be Happy Now

OOE collage tell me its okay


Head’s up because I’m about to tell you something groundbreaking: you don’t need anyone’s permission to be happy. Or sad or mad or crazy excited. If anyone tries to tell you differently, (mentally) punch them in the face. So whatever you’re feeling at the moment, we’ve put together a playlist for you to feel all those emotions and more with. Listen to it here on Spotify.

1. Buried A Lie-Senses Fail

2. Rock Bottom-Modern Baseball

3. For Good-Wicked Soundtrack

4. A Bigger Point of Pride-You Me & Everyone We Know

5. Your Best Friend-Seaway

6. The Recluse-Cursive

7. Killed by an Angel-Sunny Day Real Estate

8. Ape Dos Mil-Glassjaw

9. Up 2 U-Walk The Moon

10. Sparklers-Gemini Club

11. #icanteven-The Neighbourhood

12. Tell Me It’s Okay-Paramore

13. Holy-Pvris

14. Bite My Tongue-You Me At Six

15. I Bet My Life-Imagine Dragons

16. Modern Jesus-Portugal. The Man

17. Hate to See Your Heart Break-Paramore ft. Joy Williams

18. Matilda-alt J

19. Concrete Wall-Zee Avi

20. Middle of the Bed-Lucy Rose

21. Native Tongue-Paramore

22. Coming Home-Kaiser Chiefs

23. Hell and Back-Tonight Alive


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