All Time Favorite: Fall Out Boy ‘From Under The Cork Tree

Fall Out Boy is my favourite band, and has been for the last eight years of my life. I remember writing another OOE feature about them as a band and how they entered my life, about a year ago from today. FOB was completely accidental, put on my iPod with a mix of Disney soundtrack artists. That one album that was added was ‘From Under The Cork Tree.’ It’s extremely hard to pick a favourite song, a favourite album or even sometimes, a favourite band. Undeniably though, ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ was the album that started my love for music, and because of that I will always have it on a pedestal of being my favourite album of all time.

“Sophomore Slump or Comeback Of The Year” literally changed my life in one of those movie ways, like William Miller in Almost Famous, listening to Tommy with a candle burning. It’s a moment where I can look back and remember the feeling of falling in love with real music for the first time. I still don’t know what it was about THAT particular song. It wasn’t a single, or really anything that stands out that much. It just happened to come up on shuffle too many times for me to keep ignoring it. I’ve connected the song to that time every time I listen to it, and can visualize it over and over again.

‘From Under The Cork Tree’ led me to the rest of FOB’s catalog, and the discovery of the rest of the DecayDance/Fueled By Ramen team, like Paramore, The Academy Is… and Cobra Starship. From those core four, more and more began to branch off, and gave me a music collection today that I must admit, is pretty rad.

I have Fall Out Boy and ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ to thank for being a gateway into a world that, without that album, I might have never discovered. Music has given me so many cool opportunities and overall, a better outlook on life. Music can help in a lot of ways, and one of the most important lessons is that it’s okay to be yourself and express who you are. It taught me that you don’t have to have the same interests as everyone else or be a carbon copy of your friends; all that’s important is that you’re confident with who you are.


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