Show Review: Circa Survive Descensus Tour


There is always something to do in Los Angeles, especially on a Saturday night. That’s why it was no surprise when LA Live was filled with rowdy Kings fans, mariachi concert goers, tourists, and flannel clad Circa Survive fans.

Over two thousand people filled Club Nokia, while others formed a line outside trying to get a hold of the tickets to the sold out show. Though most of the ticket holders had purchased general admission tickets, it seemed that the venue had only allowed the first one hundred attendees pit access. With there being many diehard Circa Survive fans and rude city dwellers, security took the heat of a few angry obscenities.

The show opened with up and comers, Pianos Become The Teeth. The crowd attentively, but calmly looked on as their long-haired frontman growled the words to their songs. The band put on a quick thirty minute set featuring songs like, “Ripple Water Shine” and “Repine”, off of their recent release, ‘Keep You’.

The energy began to pick up as Title Fight took the stage. Voices were heard throughout the room as fans yelled the words to the opening song, “Secret Society”. From there, a wave of crowd surfers were launched into the air as the band played a set mixed with tracks from every album. Few people around the room were dancing, but it was significantly less chaotic than their own headlining shows as it seemed that most people in the room were there only for the headlining act. However, that did not stop the numerous amount of iPhones that went up in the air to capture a picture a picture of Title Fight’s super cool cat backdrop. The band wrapped up their set with a few fan favorites that even featured a quick, impromptu guest performance from Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré.

After listening to the crew play a few cartoony tunes during soundcheck, everyone eagerly began chanting ‘’Circa! Circa!”. As the band took the stage, vocalist, Anthony Green waltzed out sipping his drink out of a coffee mug while immediately asking the crowd to move closer to the stage. It was during “Semi-Constructive Criticism” when I and about twenty other eager Circa worshippers took matters into our own hands and jumped the four foot tall barrier separating us from the front of the room. However, the hands helping us turned out to be disgruntled security guards who forced us back behind the pit area.

Though many fans were disappointed with their spot in the crowd, those thoughts were quickly forgotten as people became lost in the music. Green mesmerized the audience as he screamed into the crowd and pounced all over the stage sticking the mic in his mouth. The band’s set ranged from “Birth of The Economic Hitman” to hits like “The Great Golden Baby” and “In Fear And Faith”. They even included “Schema” and “Only The Sun” into their set from their latest album,Descensus’, that was only released days before. The room yelled every word back to the band as they danced along to the music and got lost in the psychedelic background that showed various artistic scenes.

Always the entertainer, Anthony Green poked fun at the dusty dudes of Arizona while managing to also crack a few lighthearted jokes throughout the show. At one moment, he even took the time to admit that Los Angeles shows were in close comparison to the band’s hometown shows. He then made the crowd stand completely still as the band closed their set with “Child of the Desert”.

The band returned to the stage for an encore playing “Get Out” and the room exploded. Every person in the room sang their hearts out, cracked voices and all. No one can get their voices as high as Green’s, but boy did we try. The night was a memorable one filled with goosebumps and sweat. Circa Survive always puts on passionate performances, and that night was no exception. All three bands are currently wrapping up the ‘Descensus’ tour.


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