What It Means To Be Me

Well, it is officially 2015! Happy New Year, darlings! Most people around the world are a few hours into their resolutions, or maybe like me, gave up on those years ago. This is my first blog post for OOE and it really could not be a better time than New Year’s! You see, I decided to swear off resolutions about 7 years ago because I believe goals need to be created & re-created on a daily- not yearly- basis. And although that still rings true, I definitely have a different perspective this time around. Having recently gotten out of a very unhealthy and unsafe marriage and preparing for an upcoming major surgery, this New Year brings with it a sense of hope and wonder. A fresh start. The opportunity to be happy and healthy. And really, what more is there to life?

I know that for me, New Year’s Eve was always somewhat depressing, due to my situation in life. Feeling stuck and not in control. But I went through a life changing book called “The Desire Map” with a group of incredible women from all around the continent via video chat earlier last year and it set in motion something in me that had never been alive before. A thirst for life that could not be quenched, soul goals I never felt before, and a self worth that had never resonated with me before. I even spent two weeks in California with two of them a couple months ago, and it was as if they’d been my sisters forever.

That’s when it really hit me. I craved genuine connection. I always have; I mean, who doesn’t? Pretty sure those who deny it are just deceiving themselves because that is what we were created for; a connection with other souls, a connection to nature, a connection to God, a connection to our feelings, connections with our own goals.

Needless to say, I highly recommend wrangling together a core group of women and digging into Danielle LaPorte’s work. But either way, you, yes, YOU, whoever you are, wherever you might be and for whatever reason you ended up reading this need to know a few things before you start your journey through this year. And that is this; you are WORTH it. All of it. You FEEL for a reason. On behalf of the vibrant life of your soul, I plead with you to discover all of what those may be. You are LOVED. If you don’t have reminders of that on a daily basis, hit up any of us here at OOE and we will make sure that changes. There is HOPE. No matter how hopeless life may seem at times, I am a living testament to this fact. I’ve been through just about everything you can imagine and that’s no exaggeration. If you want to hear my story, feel free to email me, I love sharing to encourage people that there is always more to their story too. You are STRONG. And finally, strive to live in JOY and PEACE. That will become second nature once you implement this mindset.

My genuine hope and wish for each one of you this New Year is that you discover what it means to be you. All of who you are and that you be that, fiercely.


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