An Uplifting 2015

The new year is always bittersweet for me. As soon as December rolls around I hear everyone around me go on and on about how fast the year went by as if they weren’t aware that time does this thing where it passes. As if they woke up one day and it was Christmas, hence, they were surprised by how little of the year was left. I don’t feel that way throughout the year though. I’m completely aware that I’m wasting my time when I hit snooze for the tenth time this Saturday morning or when I click next on the eighth episode of Psych on Netflix. I’m aware that there are hungry and hurting people, probably within walking distance of me, but alas, I continue to live my life as it is. These lazy ideals that I possess are not uncommon when it comes to people in my demographic. We older teenagers and twenty somethings are thrown into adulthood so quickly that we often don’t know how to respond to responsibility, so we just don’t.

I’ve got a challenge for you and for myself this New Year. We’re already fifteen days into 2015 and that means we’ve had two weeks to kid ourselves about what kind of year we’re looking forward to, and now we’ve got fifty left to actually do something. There are a lot of overused resolutions that get thrown out and about every year. I hear a lot of “I’m going to lose weight and eat healthier”; both honorable goals, for sure, but are they really what you want to look back on again this year? I’ve got some resolution goals that might be a little easier to swallow and they taste better too.

This year, try loving yourself. This sounds incredibly cheesy but it’s probably the most rewarding thing you could do for yourself this New Year. Thinking about and doing for others is awesome but you have to remember yourself too, remember you are the root and beginning of all your feelings. Do things that make you happy just because they make you happy. I think a lot of times in the past I wanted to stop myself from buying something or eating something because I was telling myself I didn’t deserve it, when in fact, that couldn’t matter less. We’re people who live in a stressful world and we don’t need to justify all of our actions. You don’t have to have a reason to eat that cupcake, to watch that episode, to sleep in that extra hour, to talk to that girl or to that boy. You are your own person and you’ve got every right to act like it. Lastly, cherish the people around you. I don’t mean to be a downer but that little piece of plastic and glass that lights up and vibrates (aka a cell phone), tends to distract my thoughts from the people around me. I am constantly getting some notification from some social network that is consistently pulling me away from the dinner table and into the world of likes and notes. Those people around me are much more accessible and they don’t buffer. They can physically hug me when I’m down and they actually care about what I’m saying and won’t scroll past me like I’m inconveniencing them. Life is fleeting. You likely won’t end 2015 with all the same people you started it with and I don’t want to regret the time I spent liking their status when I could have been laughing in person at their jokes.

Overall, I don’t want you to regret another minute of your life. You’ve got your entire life ahead of you and that includes these next fifty weeks of 2015. When this December shows up right after Thanksgiving, don’t find yourself exasperated about how little time you had to get in shape, rather be amazed at how much you did and saw.


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