Work In Progress

If you’re anything like me, this week is one of the hardest of the entire year. Holidays have come and gone, New Years Eve celebrations are starting to become memories, resolutions and goals were made. And now we’re 3 weeks into this thing and real life has picked back up.

We’ve all returned back to work, school, and whatever other day-to-day things we were doing before the chaos of December/January rolled around. We’ve probably had a few sleepless nights, rushed to make deadlines {I’ll be the first to admit that!}, and forgotten to eat 3 balanced meals a day. We’ve probably fought {and hopefully overcame} some winter blues, battled a sickness or two, and tried to squeeze in a few catch up sessions with people we’ve missed the last month.

I’ll say it honestly: I’m already tired. I’ve already started to beat myself up for missing a day or two of my schedule. I’m already mad about some decisions I’ve made. I’m already worried I’ve used my time poorly or that I’ve lacked in some great way. But we’re only…3 weeks into this thing.

However, I want to share something that has been echoing in my spirit these past 3 weeks and something that I hope will carry you through this new year:

You are a work in progress. Meaning, you arrive eventually: step by step. Not all at once. Not overnight. Not in 3 weeks time.

You have dreams, ambitions, goals, and things you work towards; but it is so important to learn to give yourself grace. I started something a few years back where my only resolution in each new year is to help myself and those around be become healthier. This looks like a ton of different things. Sometimes it means choosing to still believe that I am a person with purpose, even if I fall behind on a few things I said I would no longer do.

It’s okay if you made goals and already missed them. It’s okay if after 3 weeks into this new year you’re completely exhausted. It’s okay if you aimed to go to the gym more often and have bought more donuts than workout shakes. It’s okay.

What matters is that you got up today. You kept going. You chose to treat yourself. You are on your way. You are working towards something. You are allowing others in. You are opening up. You are finding who you want to be. You’re listening to that new album. You’re making yourself dinner.

You. Are. Getting. There. And it’s okay if it takes time. And it’s okay if you ‘mess up’. And it’s okay if you had 17 resolutions and you are still dedicated to them, 100%.

This year, can you do yourself {and me} a favor?

Can you truly allow yourself to be a work in progress? Can you let yourself be cared for and loved? Can you reach out for help? Can you take a minute or two out of your day to do something kind for someone else?

And to that voice in the back of your head telling you that you’ve already messed up, that you’ve already failed, that you’ve already backed out on your word; I want to say: Shut up. You have no significance, no power, and no influence over our thought processes. You are wrong. You are sinister. You are not correct. You are meant to bring us down and make us feel guilty and miserable. You are to be silenced.

Happy 2015. Happy another calendar year of becoming a more lovely you. You are loved. And we’re all really freaking proud of you.


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