Sad Fuzz


My life has been a mess. I’m busy. I feel like I have so many things to do, but not enough time to do it. I’m stressed. I’m anxious. I’m worried that I can’t do it– but I can.

I’m someone who loves to work with music on. Whether I’m writing an essay or even cleaning around my house, you can probably find me dancing around to whatever’s on my latest Spotify playlist. After a hectic February, it has been Ty Segall’s ‘Melted’.

This past month, Ty Segall has been my savior. The garage rocker has been streaming non-stop on my phone because I’ve found that his upbeat acid-rock sound has kept me motivated. The laidback and cool vibe the record gives off has just got me feeling positive and looking forward to those warm sunny days.

The one particular song that has caught my eye recently is “Sad Fuzz.” At first, I thought it was sort of lame that I was sad and wallowing in my sadness by listening to a song called “Sad Fuzz,” but of course, I was wrong. It was hard to feel down about myself as I was listening to Ty Segall repeat, “Please don’t be sad, my baby, no.” As simple as it was, listening to that song put a smile on my face. It, along with the rest of the record, just sparked this confidence in me. I don’t want to be down on myself anymore. I want to feel good and in control of my life. I want to feel like I can do anything.

Sometimes, we need that extra bit of spunk. We need that liveliness to comfort us and make us remember that we can be happy. So, if you’re feeling down, turn on your favorite song and jump around your room. Have fun and remember that you can be great!


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