Dear Younger Self


Dear Younger Self,

Hi. This is Bethany. Hello. It’s 2015. Yeah, I know. The future. There are some things I thought I should address since no one else is going to, ok, so here we go.

You are absolutely not going to regret not dating in high school. Literally, no one there is worth your time, no one. Don’t worry about getting into college, it’s great and you got your first choice. You’re majoring in something you love, so don’t worry about that either. Also, Prom, not worth your time, no regrets skipping that.

Don’t stress about your college roommate. You will make some of the best friends you’ve ever had your first year of college.

Another thing, mental illness is real. There are a lot of essential things that weren’t taught to you in school but that’s one of them. Also, feminism. You desperately needed that while you grew up in the south.

Basically, you’re super cool. You love yourself. You are making a future for yourself. You’re a little stressed but depression and anxiety aren’t going to stop you. People might say things that hurt you but there’s no stopping you. Life goes on.

Oh, one more thing. You’re beautiful.

All the love in the entire world, to you.

Bethany Polson

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