Find You This Summer!


I start out every summer with a long list of things I’m going to do. Make homemade ravioli, read 15 books, study for the next semester ahead of time, make all of the things I’ve added to the Open Our Eyes Pinterest, just to list a few. I have this long list but I almost always end up watching a couple complete television series and ruining my sleep schedule beyond repair.

         I say all of this, not to condone anyone, but because I know a lot of us can relate. Summer is the only break a lot of us get from the craziness that surrounds us the other nine months. We spend the first couple weeks sleeping and eating, which are both great things, don’t get me wrong. Those are two of my favorite things, actually, but there is more to summer. I’d highly recommend that you use this summer to not only fall in love with yourself but to get to know you. How do I propose you do this, you might say? Because you’ve spent more time with yourself than anyone, clearly you know you. Trying to try new things is a good way. Cook something you’ve never tried. Maybe you’ll grow to love tuna? Explore the city you live in. I’m sure you think you’ve seen everything there is to offer but check out some parts of town you’d usually avoid. Make a new friend. Meeting new people will often expose traits of your personality that you were unaware of.

         There is always time for tacos, Netflix, and sleep, but make time for you too. You’re going to be spending the most time with you and it’s only logical to love yourself more than anyone else could. There is no one on earth like you and that’s something to love.

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