Your Scars Are Someone Else’s Signs of Hope

Your scars are someone else’s signs of hope. – Danielle LaPorte

Many years ago, shortly before starting Open Our Eyes, I interned for a mental health community. Thanks to social media I was able to meet the other girls I’d be in community with before the Internship began. I was very caught off guard but also comforted by how open we each were with our struggles and what brought us to this community. One discussion day led us to the topic of self harm, particularly showing our scars. One intern remarked that her arms were covered in scars from past battles, which she knew could be triggering for some, and wanted to take the appropriate precautions in terms of keeping them covered. Unanimously we discouraged her from being ashamed and encouraged her to do whatever made her most comfortable.

On the first day of our Internship, she wore a tank top for the first time in years.

This seemingly insignificant event really left a mark on my heart and set the framework for everything with Open Our Eyes. Here I’ve made it a top priority that our scars are always on display (figuratively) through our words. We’re human. We all struggle. And we’re all trying to navigate through life together. The only way to successfully do this is through complete transparency and vulnerability.

We’ve talked for years about adding Open Our Eyes merch and the day has finally arrived. We’ve teamed up with Terminus Tees to bring you these snazzy tank tops..

Back Camera

You can currently pre-order these tanks for the next two weeks for $15 on our online store.  General purchase price will be $20.

Everyone on our team volunteers their time and talents so there is no monetary compensation.  Every cent from the sale of these tanks will go directly back to growing our community: maintaining our blog/website, organizing awareness shows, setting up meet ups, etc.



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