Age is Just a Number


            In the next month I’ll be turning 19. Another year, another number goes up. It’s the beginning of the awkward age between being classified as a teenager, and not quite yet an adult. I turn 19 this month, and I am okay with that.

            Each and everyday I become more and more aware of my age; however, it’s not that I’m becoming older, but that I’m still being treated or classified as a child because of my age. There have been a handful of individuals that say I look 21 to 25, and granted that’s pretty neat. Who doesn’t want to look older? Honestly, I think I’d only want to be “older” so I can go into the 21+ shows, or hangout at the bar area so I can get a better look of the band playing. I say this because some of my friends are on the brink of turning 21 or they already are, and it puts me at a disadvantage. There have been a handful of times that a friend of a friend have asked how old I am. Once I do tell them their demeanor towards me quickly changes, and I have been placed in the young kid category. I will admit that I am still young, I am still learning how life works, and I have yet to experience and learn life’s lessons. When someone is talking to me, they don’t have to dumb things down. I pretty much understand what they’re saying to me right off the bat. Trust me when I say this. I’ve learned quite a bit of things in the 18 to 19 years of living on this Earth.

            In particular I bring up age because I have been attending a healthy weight class to learn about living a healthier, and easier lifestyle. Most of the individuals that attend this class are adults from 35 to about 60, and here I am 18 about to turn 19 in a class with a ton of older individuals. The age situation started on the second day of class, and the class was about to start. A lady walks in and asks if I’m saving the spot for my mother, or sister. I smile, and respond to her, “Oh no the seat is open”. About halfway through the class we have been told to talk to the person sitting next to us. I was talking to the lady on my right, and halfway through the conversation she makes a funny remark, “What are you 12?” I tell her that I’m not, she then asks how old I really am, and I tell her. She’s taken back. I chuckle, and continue with the conversation. This is just an example of one of the situations that their demeanor changed in some sort of a positive way.

There was another time when a person’s demeanor changed in negative way. I just turned 17, and I was at a We The Kings concert. At the end of the concert my friend, and I caught a ride with a good friend of ours. Our friend agreed to give one of their friends a ride home. Well our friend is two years older than us, and our friend’s friend is the same age as them. We were on our way to the car and we were talking about seeing Fall Out Boy when my best friend’s friend said we were too young to go see Fall Out Boy. I was shocked. You shouldn’t have to belittle someone when it comes to music. For someone that calls themselves a Fall Out Boy, they should take a lesson from the band themselves because Fall Out Boy would never put someone down like that, and secondly, they’ve even said that you should take care of one another. My friend, and I still went to the show regardless. It didn’t get us down, but let’s just say we avoided that person completely because of their attitude, and we didn’t want to be around them.

            Age is just a number. It’s a number that goes up and up and up. Age shouldn’t have to define one’s maturity because everyone matures on his or her own time. Regardless, you should treat someone with respect, and utmost kindness.


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