My life is a little wild right now. This Tuesday I volunteered in the morning at the library with the summer reading program. I left a little early so I could drive my mom to the doctor. I left my aunt in the waiting room with my mother to go grab some lunch. When I got back, they called my mother back and we started on our lunch. I was taking a bite of my beautiful, beautiful cheeseburger when an elderly man walked into the room. He looked a little confused and was holding a strip of notebook paper.

                  My aunt, being the better human, asked him if he needed anything to which he replied “I can’t read, darling.” I stood up, still with cheeseburger in my mouth, and said “I’ll help you.” He handed me the piece of paper and I asked him his name. Felix and I walked up to the receptionist window and I read off the information for him. She handed him a bunch of forms to sign. I ended up having to date them for him too, I also read off a ton of personal information aloud to him so that he could verify its validity.

                  Now, Felix, was probably inching up on 80. He was Apache and couldn’t read a smidge of English. He’s grown up, as far as I could tell, in Texas, without knowing how to read. He drove himself to the doctor, without knowing how to read, which now that I think about it is kind of scary. I was entirely impressed with him as he was very intelligent and kind. He thanked me a lot of for my help and hugged me. I felt pretty good after helping him.

                  My life is pretty busy, I’m trying to balance working, sleeping, staying emotionally aware, and keeping up my relationship with God, which is more work than people let on. Helping Felix felt good because it didn’t feel like something I had to do, it felt like my honor. This guy, so much wiser than I, telling me that I should make friends with Hispanic people because they’d fight for me, speaking and reading a language I’m sure I’ll never know, and overall just being incredibly kind, needed my help. The help anyone in the entire building could have provided but I was the one given the opportunity.

                  I am so incredibly blessed with experiences like this one. I have the entire world in my grasp and sometimes I just let that go. I just forget that I’ve got it all. I don’t want to do that anymore, I want to recognize my privilege every second of everyday and I’m working on that.

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