The Morning Kiss

5432455298_6cd48be6bf_bOne early March morning, I peeked out through my bedroom window,
To behold the crescent moon.
A sideways smile,
One of a sleepy, star-crossed lover-
Gazing sweetly upon a stirring love.
A smile that filled the other with bright, peaceful warmth-
Reciprocated with a slow blush of pinks and purples,
Softly kissing the bare intertwined limbs of winter’s lonely trees.
A sunrise whispering to its ancient love, the moon-
‘I am here with you, beloved, as I have always been and as I will always be.’
One glowing in warmth.
One shimmering in reflection.
A love mirroring itself, flowing outward and back again
In a circle of day and night, a circle of friendship and love.

Together they sang their morning love song to all of Earth’s children:

‘To them we may seem a world and a day apart.
Yet our love has always been here.
A dance with no beginning.
A dance with no ending.
An infinite vow we have made
Of an eternity of days and nights
May their love be as heavenly as ours’


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