Constant Struggles


                  Money is the one thing that makes the world go round. Don’t try to lie and say that it’s not. People who have money have happiness, and the ones who don’t struggle constantly. That’s the case for my family. I live in a paycheck family, as I call it, aka we live paycheck to paycheck and are barely able to survive the two week span until the next paycheck arrives. My father works for ten hours a day, six days a week, just for all the money to be consumed by the bills that control us. I try to help my father as much as I can, but working in retail doesn’t leave you with much at the end of the week either. This brings my father to frustration, anger, and depression constantly because he can barely afford to buy us food. After paying all the bills, we’re lucky if we have $100 to last us the two weeks until payday comes back around.
Living in this situation, you would think that you could get some help. No, not really. I’m currently going to a local college that costs about $16,000 a year. Not bad compared to some schools that are $30,000+. Like every student, I filled out the dreaded FAFSA, just to be denied any grants and only be given loans, which would leave me in debt until who knows when. The reason was that my family “makes too much” to be given aid. They said that if my father made $10,000 less a year, we could’ve gotten aid. However, they don’t put into account all the bills we pay. The fact that my father is a single dad and he does this all on his own. That we suffer week by week because we barely make enough to survive.
And I know we’re not the only people who are in this situation. And it honestly sucks. We are told to go to school to get a good job, but how can we go to school without any money. How can we go to school when we can barely afford to keep lights on and food on the table without breaking down in tears? That’s the fucked up part about the education process. I know I have worked my ass off to get where I am, and so many other people have too. It isn’t fair that we have to suffer because we aren’t fortunate to have money like many others do. We shouldn’t have to choose between these two things because of a piece of cotton controls our lives. We should be able to live happy and stress free, but until that day comes, we’ll try and make it through this struggle that consumes us all.

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