Small Changes

august pic for ooe

Change can be terrifying sometimes even though it is a big part of life, especially for someone like me who often resists change. Though this month I’ve tried to embrace it. I got a haircut which may sound super boring to someone else but this is honestly the shortest haircut I’ve ever had. I had to cut it because sadly my hair has been experiencing some setbacks for the last several months so a good portion of it needed to go. At first I had major reservations about getting it cut shorter than my already shoulder length hair, but my hairdresser who has always done a terrific job blew me away with how nice it ended up it’s now what I would call a short bob.

In addition to my new haircut my little two year old cousin has started attending a school/daycare program which she’s been super excited about, well except for nap time which she’d rather not participate in, my little cousin took the change head on without any problem. So change has been happening all around. Change can be scary at first for us young adults and adults alike but little children often don’t hesitate to change because they’re a little bit more flexible then us. I guess what I’m saying is that although change is scary, change is necessary and sometimes change can end up being better than we anticipate, it’s often the difference between growth and stagnation.

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One comment on “Small Changes

  1. It’s funny. Sometimes I am completely open to change and other times I am freaking out about every little change. I have to admit though, once I get through the scary stuff it is almost always worthwhile!

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