Barely Hanging On

hannahBarely hanging on.
That’s how it has felt for me the majority of these past few months. Here I am, just days shy of my 27th birthday. I’m both having a heart attack over my age and rejoicing in the closing of my 26th year.

Open Our Eyes exists because all of are broken people who have been redeemed in ways we can never fully express. For some, it’s been a hug that saved the day while for others it’s been debts paid off and a number of other things. We exist because we believe our stories matter, that we are not alone, and in turn that your story matters and you are not alone.

It just so happens that 3.5 weeks ago, I sustained a really terrible injury to my right leg/foot/ankle. As it stands now, I’m currently still in my cast and still unable to drive and still immobile for the most part. I had no idea it was possible to be in the amount of physical pain I’ve experienced these past few weeks. My recovery is still very much in progress. However, this forced rest has opened my heart up to receiving some much-needed healing. These are just a few of the tidbits I’ve received during this difficult time:

1. It will humble you to ask for help, but it will show you how much better the world functions when we work together. On my own, I made my injury worse. And I got defeated. And I felt like caving in from the weight of how long my recovery seemed. But together, my burden was lifted. Together, my determination to be fully well soared.
2. You are absolutely not running out of time. Here’s the thing: I could write a novel from this past year of my life alone. But basically, you have multiple jobs, setbacks, health issues, dreams fulfilled, more setbacks, a sudden move back home, and an accident that left me unable to walk for the time being. Naturally, as my 27th birthday approaches as a single, non-wife, non-mother, living at my parents house with a boot/cast on my leg and out of work because of it, it’s easy for me to think I’ve missed it. I missed the window now all these dreams can’t happen. I’m too old, I’m too bad with money, I’m too ______, etc. I have learned that it truly takes a very short amount of time for very wonderful things to happen.
3. Wellness encompasses physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. It is easy to become overwhelmed. By choosing one broad goal a week in each area, I’ve felt so much weight lifted. It’s important to not neglect one area by focusing so much on another. A little work in each area makes for a better peace of mind and state.
4. Coloring rules, period. Do yourselves a favor and download the “Colorfy” app if you’ve got an iPad or iPhone and you’ll thank me later.
5. You’re/I’m doing better than you/I think I am! We see such a small window into the overall purpose of our moments and days. It’s good to have people in your life who can remind you of that.

I know that summer is ending and a new season is around the corner. I know that for both myself and for you my hope and my prayer is that you are encouraged, supported, cared for, and that more than anything else you know there are people fighting for you. There are people rooting for you. If you did not exist things would never be the same. I hope that as you leave summer behind and embrace this new season that you feel empowered to love big and receive big. You are so much more incredible than you know!

*Photo Source: Hannah Salsberry


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