My Crazy, Beautiful Life

septBig things have been happening in my household lately and I can honestly say that I have never been happier! Life is good. Really, really good. I’m currently enrolled in four classes at a local community college. I am back at my old job before I transferred locations and working thirty hours a week and super excited to be back in a supporting and positive work environment. I am also cleaning condos on the weekends for extra money because I’m still a college student. And, if you guys didn’t know, I am a full time single mommy of an amazingly brilliant and wonderfully sweet two and a half year old. Yes, my plate is full; in fact I’m pretty sure it’s over flowing. Yet, I am happy – happiest—I have ever been.

                     You guys are probably thinking I’m crazy. I understand that half of the things on my list of undertakings would be overwhelming by themselves, and yes I am very tired most days, but I wake up with a passion for life that I have never experienced. I am accomplishing goals. Striving to be my best self. Accomplishing things that I had quit dreaming about! My zest for life has been restored. I have been through it y’all, my life has been nothing but trials and trouble from childhood. I am feeling empowered to dream bigger and push myself further and I am doing it because I chose to change my mindset about what I deserved in life.

I am proud to say I have straight A’s in my classes! All of my colleagues and clients are more than thrilled to have me back at my original location and the support I am receiving from them is so incredibly elevating. My condo business is growing and my sister and I are currently taking care of ten units regularly. My son is growing in to a happy, healthy, smart, thoughtful little boy and I am so thankful to be his mother. Even things with my fella are getting more serious (I gave him a key to my place!) I accredit all of this to my attitude towards life. I started making small changes every day about the attitude I have towards things and before I knew it good things were falling in to place for me. I was making them a way to fall in to place for me. I removed the negative people and surroundings and made room for my life to flourish. And it has been the most amazing experience.

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