Watch Out For That Tree

UntitledAs I’m struggling to come up with something to write about on this Tuesday night, listening to The Wombats, who, if you don’t know, are great, I stumbled across a random topic generator. I say stumbled but more accurately I googled “random topic generator” and the one I clicked asked a question: “What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?”

And I thought, hm, flip my phone over so it doesn’t light up all night and keep me awake. Though, now that I think about it, that’s not entirely true. Once my phone is officially down for the night, my brain is officially unoccupied and free. Free is a dangerous thing. My brain doesn’t have many moments of complete and utter distraction-less bliss, for good reason.

After the lights go out, that’s when my brain decides to invent things, actual inventions and concepts. What did he mean by that? Why did she say that? I’m a professional over-thinker, you see. I could overthink anything and everything, and I do, when the lights go out.

Technology, my cell phone mostly, is good at assisting with that, for better and worse. I’ve recently noticed how zombie like the people on my college campus are. We leave class and are walking somewhere else, but we have our faces glued to a tiny piece of plastic with a glass screen, that lights up. (It’s a phone, just in case you didn’t catch me.) Usually with wires coming out of it, blaring some noise so we in no way have to pretend we’re outside. I couldn’t tell you all the people I’ve passed while walking from destination to destination. I mean, I’ve been writing this for 10 minutes and I’ve checked my phone as many times. And the worst part is, I can only see it getting worse from here.

I don’t see myself becoming less dependent on technology anytime in the future. I don’t see society as a whole voluntarily giving up technological advances either.

I just worry that one of these days I’m going to fall down the stairs.

*photo source

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