Packing Potential


I have a mentor, she’s actually my discipler. In the Christian faith, we base our life off that of Jesus Christ, whom, had disciples. So, in turn, I, as a Christian, have someone who disciples me and I disciple someone. My discipler’s name is Kaitlin and she’s a wonderful person. I’m talking truly lovely. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve known her for a couple years now and she’s inspiring. I’m incredibly blessed to have her pour into me.

Back to the story, Kaitlin, was talking to me last week and she said, “It only gets harder from here.” And she was referring to adult life. This, as you can imagine, is not what I wanted to hear. Life has never been easy for me. I know I have all the privilege in the world but I always find something to struggle with, a lot of which has to do with mental illness. These simple six words weren’t meant to be comforting and they certainly weren’t at the time. I think when she said them my eyes rolled back in my head and I sarcastically said “Well, that’s great.” I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, whether it be five minutes or five years ahead, I’ve probably thought it all the way through. Not to say I have a plan of any sort, I’ve just worried about it in advance. I’d like to think that, as life goes on, it gets easier. But, do I see that reflected in the lives of those I hold close?

Has my mother’s life gotten easier the older she got? Technologically, wise, possibly, but logistically? Absolutely not. What about my father? Quite the opposite was true for him as well. Looking at any number of the adults I’ve been watching age gracefully, I’ve seen them fall into struggle after dilemma after issue and it never occurred to me that my life would be much the same?

Why does the future always seem so much brighter when it is in fact a rockier, muddier road? I don’t have the answer for that, of course, but I’d like to think I have a guess. Life goes on, we meet more people, more things happen, and it all gets more complex. But. So do we. We’re constantly adding to our artillery of knowledge, collecting an arsenal of advice for future us. Life gets tougher but so do we. We’ve been through a plethora of life and we can reflect back on those things to get us through whatever knocks on our door. We’re not aging as we once were, young and lost, we’re evolving. We’re becoming our greatest potential and I find comfort in that.

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