Give Yourself A Break!


Man oh man it’s been a crazy month! I’m in school full time and I work 30 hours per week on top of my course load. AND I’m a mommy with no help. Blah blah blah. Well about 4 weeks ago I became so ill. I came down with the flu, strep throat and a kidney infection all at the same time. The universe was testing me. Death seemed like a better option than what I was going through. My dad –thankfully—came and picked up my kid for me and took him to my sisters. I could not get out of bed for days. I did not eat for almost 5 days. I did not go to class. I could not work. I finally went to the doctor and after about a week, a steroid shot and a lot of other medications and rest I started to really feel 100% again. My sons godmother had taken him out of town with her so I could get my rest so I had two free weeks of no mommy duties. Not that I haven’t been busy because obviously I still had my classes to catch up on and work responsibilities but the weight of having to make sure I keep another small human alive was at least lifted for two weeks this month.
The second weekend he was gone, I went to Tuscaloosa to go to an Alabama game. Roll Tide! I had a blast but did homework on the drive up and drive home. Last weekend I went and got him from his godmother. It’s a six hour drive. So, that was fun. He has basically wrecked my house since he’s been home but I’m so happy to have him here. Life has gone back to normal in the blink of an eye and my “break” was really a flash of making up school work and a day where I went to a ball game. I didn’t really rest is what I’m getting at and I found myself just as worn out when I was driving to get him as I was when he left because I was sick. But I persevered and pushed through and kept going because its what I had to do.
I ended up in Tuscaloosa this weekend as well. Tickets to homecoming weekend fell in my lap and I was able to find a sitter for my son. I had a blast! My house was a mess, I had some homework that I probably should have done but I went anyway and I had the time of my life! I’m tired as hell but I feel recharged. I feel energized. I took a break from my life because I was burnt out. Let your housework go y’all. Put your homework on hold. You deserve to take a break dammit! I’m so happy I did.

Comment below on what you guys wanna hear about! Or and questions about anything.
Thanks for reading.

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