To All I Have Lost and For All I Have Gained


I wish I could have been there for you, but I wasn’t even there for me,
I guess that when you can’t even understand your own feelings, others view you as carefree.
How did my lips always seem to smile, when inside I was so broken,
My true emotions were lost in the deepest depths of life’s vast ocean.
I wished for strength to build and fix things, but walls were in my way.
Believe me, I never nixed things, I still think of you today.
Maybe if I could of asked for help, it wouldn’t of been such a hard time.
Bottles blurred my vision, I lost the straight line.
White lines and clouds of vision, the days just drifted by,
I lost more than what mattered, I lost my reason why.
Those needles pinned me down and took away my hope,
Until I found true love, that taught me how to cope.
 I learned to feel those feelings, to forgive and love myself,
And in the learning of this lesson, I found life’s greatest wealth.
The value of a loved one, the kindness of a friend,
The happiness and love that is INSIDE and that will ALWAYS be there in the end.
❤ ❤ ❤
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