To the One Who Holds the Key


You think you are broken beyond repair.

But you’ve been lost and found, again.

You’ve stared at darkness, but willingly picked up your pieces.

You’ve lost resolve and you have quaked at the thought of redemption.

You’ve torn down the walls and you’ve wrestled outright with vulnerability.

You’ve gotten better and then, you have felt worse.

Child, oh precious child, God makes you the strongest when you are at your weakest.

It’s not survival of the fittest.

Maybe you have resisted, maybe you’ve reckoned with reason, already…

But you aren’t there yet…


You hold the key.

You silence the love for fear of failing expectations.

You cling to comparison over His compassion.

You listen to the masses, when He gets the last word.

And it’s easy. It is easy to rest our hopes on what is seen and rely on what is heard firsthand, but in doing so life wreaks havoc on our wearied souls and we fail to understand…

We fail to understand that we need to grasp grace when coming to grips with the painful truth of our imperfections.

We fail to understand that when it comes to people pleasing, it’s already a lost battle and victory has been claimed.

We fail to understand that what we did in life doesn’t deserve the lime-light, it doesn’t get to define us.

That name you’ve been given doesn’t belong to you, no, not if you or others chose it haphazardly.

God has a name for you, and it’s already yours, you’ve just yet to claim it for yourself.

You see what others call a mistake, a worthless cause, God sees masterpiece and calls worthy.

So I wish I could just open your eyes and you could behold that you are His beloved. You are what He has always wanted.

It’s time you stop striving.

It’s time you really sit down with your past and claim victory, once for all

But instead you hold your worth in those quick to question, you tie your stomach in knots at the thought of how many times you have failed. It consumes you.

It takes over and there’s no sudden release. There’s no one solution. There’s no quick fix.

But if you would just, just look up.

If you’d beg your God to move, you would find that in the midst of your hesitant asking, He is already moving.

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