2015 Wrap Up with Brittny

It’s not even 9am and I’ve already had an energy drink and working on a cup of coffee so contrary to what I screamed last night, I do in fact get tired.

I saw Kevin Gates last night for the third time this year. Best way to close out 2015 and I’m stoked to travel to Baton Rouge next month to see him again then Tuscaloosa + Birmingham in March. Yeah, I’m *that* girl.

Open Our Eyes has been in a peculiar transition period this year. New team, new goals, etc. In the spirit of honesty, things are going as smoothly as I hoped they would. We’ve really been pushing our new tee for the holidays (openoureyes.bigcartel.com) to no avail and we’ve been met with a lot of resistance locally for our monthly awareness show. I, personally, have just been generally very discouraged.

That’s where last night and Kevin Gates come in. 

His tattoo artist, Trevon Spillman, committed suicide and he talks about not answering that one phone call. The young guys in front of me all rolled their eyes as Kevin started to share about his own struggles with depression.

THIS is why we’re here. THIS is why Open Our Eyes exists.

The stigma around mental health, particularly within minority communities, is why I attempted to take my life at just 12 years old. The guys rolling their eyes were my family + friends. These were things that didn’t happen to “us”.

The guys around me didn’t take Kevin’s words to heart. But someone last night did. Someone last night took solace in the fact that he/she isn’t alone and is beginning to have tough conversations today about where to go from here.

Last night was what I needed to bring Open Our Eyes into 2016. We’ll be turning eight years old in May and there’s still so much we haven’t done, so much we need to do. But I’m more inspired than ever to make these things happen now. This community is needed.

Thank you, Kevin Gates, for reminding me why I’m here.

And thank you to each of you who continue to be an active part of the Open Our Eyes family. Especially my team.. I couldn’t have made it through this year without you. You’re my people. I love each of you and I’ll see y’all (had to get that in there one more time, haha) in 2016. ❤


One comment on “2015 Wrap Up with Brittny

  1. Love you Brittny ❤ I'm glad he shared his story. I'm sorry that some people didn't have any empathy or compassion for his message. It is true that in sharing it he did touch AT LEAST ONE person in that audience, and MORE than one person (yourself included) I'm sure could relate to him ❤ Love love love and HAPPY 2016! Always here to support you and OPEN OUR EYES! xo

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