A Little Holiday Cheer


It’s that time of year again it begins to get much colder, it rains here and there, and you cannot walk into your local supermarket without smelling cinnamon or pine. For me in particular, I enjoy the crisp cold air nipping at my nose, the rain on the windshield of my car or the smell of cinnamon when I walk into my local supermarket.

This time of year brings an unruly amount of sadness, and it happens to most of us. I know I don’t have the biggest family, and frankly I don’t have much of a family. When I think about it, the actual blood related family I have is my younger brother, or my aunt. The other part of my family consists of my best friend and her family, and my other aunt (who’s really a long time family friend that I just call my aunt) and her family. Even though I have all these amazing people around it is just that this time of year happens to be really hard on me.

About a year ago I tried to make the best of things now that I’m much older, but there’s always going to be something trying to rain on my parade. In the last year a lot of things have changed and I’ve found myself become distant with plenty of people, and that’s okay. This year is going to be different than the last and I don’t know if I’m prepared for it. Time is flying faster, and like always I’ve just been rolling with things. The holidays this year around have already started out different, for Thanksgiving I went to Disneyland, and plans for Christmas are still up in the air. It seems a little odd that it can still be a hard time for me but it’s a hard time in particular because I don’t have much of a family. It makes me sad because I see my best friends family get together, or I see my other aunt’s family get together, and when they get together you can see the love that they have for one another. When it comes to my family that’s not my brother, or my aunt, you see that someone has something negative to say about someone, or someone isn’t as good as someone and that’s not what the holidays should be about. When it comes to family you’re suppose to have this bond that’s held together with love, kindness, and respect for one another.

I’ve learned that family is what you make it, and they say you can’t pick and choose your family, but I believe that I did. So here’s to the holidays, here’s to endless hot chocolate, here’s to almost peeing your pants playing Cards Against Humanity, and most of all here’s to the New Year. I’m hanging in there for the holidays for the most part, and I think I got this.

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