The Reality of the Holidays


I’ll be honest the beginning of this month started off stressful, so stressful my dorm room was a complete disaster (something that I always try to avoid) I put off washing my hair for so long that I wore a hat with every outfit I wore for about a week or so. Finals wrecked their havoc with my sense of self as always. I even stepped in to help my friends with the problems they were stressing about. On top of all that I started feeling homesick. So in short it wasn’t pleasant.

The thing that changed our sour outlooks was one of my friends suggested that we all (all being our friend group which is made up of about seven) should go look at Christmas lights in the park. We packed up two cars and I’ll tell you now I have never had such a fun night.We walked around taking pictures of all the displays, my favorite by far had to be the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ lights that of course, caused me to of course break out into the song itself (because how can you not?). We sang the whole walk around despite the fact other people obviously thought we were weird. We took pictures next to giant trees and lighted snowmen. I learned a fun fact about Louisiana, there’s a story where Santa is pulled by Alligators while riding in a boat (it was a culture shock being from Texas). It was such a fun night, that we decided to maybe make it into a tradition every year before we all part ways to go back to our families for the holidays.

I decided to tell you guys the story above because I think that it shows that no matter how bad things seem to be or how stressed out you feel, things will and do take a turn for the better. I know that December is a month that can be full of fun or full of stress because of the holidays and all that comes with them such as finals, family and our own expectations. I know that school whether it is high school or college can be stressful and that the expectations we hold ourselves to can make us feel like we aren’t living up to our own potential. I also know that everyone’s families are their own special brand of strange and carry their own level of difficulty. So what I have to say to you all that may be dealing with the not so pretty side of the holidays such as suffering with seasonal depression, trying to navigate the world of academia, dealing with a not so supportive/complicated family situation or just plain old being alone during the holidays, is that even thought it may seem like this month’s ugly side is being particularly nasty. Things. Get. Better. I know that is such a cliché thing to say but it’s true, things need time to get better eventually you’ll come out on the other side.

I hope that this holiday season ends up being enjoyable for all of you and that you’ll get to have a fun moment or fun moments that sticks with you and brings a smile to your face. I also hope that you all find something that makes you look forward to the new year filled with new things, new experiences and new people. I hope December treats you all beautifully.

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