New Year’s Resolution


Another day, another week, another new year, and another new year’s resolution. Every year, or every other year I try to make a new year’s resolution for myself.

           For me a new year’s resolutions acts as a reset button, hence the new year new me. I’m turning 20 this year, and just like every other new year I hit the reset button. This year in particular I want to journal as much as I can. I find that journaling, or any writing in general helps.

Throughout my adolescent years I’d journal. It’s relatively therapeutic, and it acts as a therapist with no feedback. When I’m journaling, I’m looking at things in a different light and by doing so it helps me resolve my own personal issues. My journal is just like my blog posts got Open Our Eyes, but more on an personal level and just as helpful. It’s only been a week into the new year, and I find myself much happier. It’s been more than a week in, and so far so great.

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2 comments on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. My father recommended I keep a journal…and I started at age 9. I stopped about 10 years ago when I met my husband at the age of 24. He was the last thing I wrote about in my journal…if you read those last entries prior to me meeting him, it is as if I wrote him into my life! I just bought a few new journals and plan to focus more on my writing (as well as my art) this year ❤ Wishing you all the best in your channeling of wonderful words, may they flow freely and frequently!! ❤ xo

    • Thank you for the words of encouragement. Journaling is oddly a beautiful thing, and it’s something anyone can pick up. I think it’s amazing that you inadvertently wrote your husband into your life, and that recently you’ve decided to focus more on your writing (and as well as your art)! I hope your writing is everlasting, and maybe you get to write a little more things into your life. Thank you again, and may your year be filled with writing and all the art your heart desires ♡

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