Aspiring Women I Look Up To

For all the things I have wrote about on Open Our Eyes, I haven’t really taken the time to appreciate the amazing women I have in my life. Up until about the age of nine, I didn’t have a mother anymore because of the life choices that she chose but more importantly I have two wonderful women that have taken the role as a motherly figure in my life, and these two women are my Aunt Kim and my Aunt Jamie.

            My Aunt Kim isn’t my aunt by blood, but that’s not what matters. I’ve know my Aunt Kim my entire life, or at least as long as I can remember. My Aunt Kim has taught me so many things from compassion, to listening, to always take a breath when things go bad, to always being kind, and the list goes on. I aspire to be as forgiving as she is because unlike most people, it takes me a hard time to forgive those who have hurt me. I know that I can always turn to her when something happens. She treats my brother and I as her own children. You can’t pick and choose your family, but I definitely did.

            My Aunt Jamie is my father’s sister, and to me she is one of the most strongest people I know. In the third grade I was given an assignment, and on the assignment I was asked who I looked up to and I said my Aunt Jamie. Recently my Aunt Jamie has gone through some life changing things within the last year, and it’s the strongest I have seen her. Throughout my life I never saw much of her, but within the last year I have never felt so close to her in my entire life. Even though I hadn’t seen her much throughout my life, I still look up to her just as much, and that’s okay. Though we may bump heads sometimes family has the tendency to do that because they’re family, but even so I know it’s out of love.

            These women had a contribution in shaping me to who I am today. I know that growing up without a mother tends to suck (and believe me it does), but these women have been there when my mother hasn’t. I am tremendously thankful, and super grateful to have them in my life. I love them so much, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.

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