7 Ways That I Bring Happiness Into My Life

OOE Disclaimer: This is what worked for Marla and may not work for everyone and that we encourage talking to a trained medical professional to decide what’s best for you.

I was diagnosed with depression in 2004 at the age of 22. I showed signs of depression prior to the age I was finally diagnosed, yet I did not fully understand depression. I never thought of telling my doctor or asking for help. At the time he actually brought it up to me, and I am so glad that he did. Medication is the one thing that helps greatly with my depression, however I knew that a pill would not fix everything. There are other things I needed and still need to do to help myself feel better. This is just a short list of things I wanted to share that helped me feel happier.


 I talk to, or spend time with someone I know who cares about me. It is always good to have a list of people who you can communicate with, my list includes my husband, my son, my sister, my brother, my parents, or any one of my close friend. Also, sometimes just listening to them talk helps me feel better.


 I write. I will keep fun notepads and pens littered about the house so when I get the urge I
can write poetry or jot down notes about things that make me feel good, such as happy
memories or special moments. Other times, I will write a real letter to a friend or loved one, this also makes me feel good because I know that the person on the receiving end is happy to find something in their mail box other than junk mail! I also blog for Open Our Eyes!


I get creative. I like to refer to art as good for the heART, after all the word ‘art’ is part of
the word heart. I love to draw, doodle, make collages/dream boards. I also will do crafts with my son, and I love to see what he creates!! His art always seems to be filled with so much love. I just discovered last week that our local library started an Art Therapy Program for adults, where they offer adult coloring books, where you can choose pages you would like to rip out of an adult coloring book, color with colored pencils, that they provide and take your art home. If art is something that you enjoy,  I highly recommend that you check with your local library to see if they offer anything similar to this, or even suggest that they offer something similar.


I go somewhere that offers me some peace and quiet, some ‘me time’ to reflect on the
beauty that is around me. Often I am busy being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, good
friend, good employee, or involved in the school/PTO, and I forget to stop and appreciate the many beautiful things that surround me. I enjoy spending time at our local museum, where they offer free admission to local residents on Saturdays from 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m., as long as you check in during those hours you are welcome to stay the entire day! I also enjoy the local library and I really love nature. I live in the country so it is easy to reconnect with the beauty of the Earth by stepping out into my yard, even though my yard is right there, I need to still find the time to remember to step outside. I lived in a large city once and that was the most difficult year and a half of my life. I grew up playing in nature, and not being able to easily connect with it was very difficult for me. Nature to me is always healing to my body, mind and spirit.


I read a lot and often. Reading is not only a welcome distraction to racing thoughts,
it is a way to expand my vocabulary, my insights on life, continue to educate myself, and just a wonderful way to enjoy my love of the written word. I enjoy a lot of older books, I admit I am a romance junky, one of my favorite authors is Kathleen E. Woodwiss, I highly
recommend her books. I also love to read books on philosophy, psychology, and religion,
these books help me to gain a better understanding of myself and life. I also enjoy reading
magazines and poetry. My son is now at the age where he will read to me, I love his little
voice and how much he loves reading as well.


I will listen to music that I love. I have always found enjoyment in music. I was raised around musicians and it has always played a very important part in my life. I love dancing as well, sometimes just shaking up your body helps shake off the blues. Some of my favorite go-to music ranges from mellow to dance party. I love well-written lyrics and real instruments the most.


I unplug. I will take time off from social media. I will shut off my phone. I honestly rarely
watch television. Stepping away from media distractions helps give me more of a focus on
myself, plus it offers me more time to read, to do art, to write and to be with loved ones!

I hope that my list may give readers of this blog a few new ideas of what they can do when they might be feeling blue. All of the above can help whether one is depressed or not. They are healthy actions to take to add a sense of value to one’s life. What do you do to put yourself in higher spirits? I would love to read what you have to say, please feel free to comment below! xoxo
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