The Lost Art and Blue Messages

Dear fellow reader,

My hope is that through these electronic pages you will find some hope and warmth in the words written here. My wish is that you feel like we’re meeting in a coffee shop with Christmas lights up year round. The music is low, they play Ed Sheeran a little too often (is that possible?). We are anywhere in the world that you want to be, but we are clinking cups and linking hearts.

It’s so easy to become inspired, be creative and to “live life to the fullest” when we are mouse clicks away from links that give us the “Top 10 Ways to Be a Friend”. It’s not difficult to smile when the world only has to like your status to prove that it somehow cares about you. We live in a day where a double tap can be taken as a sign of love and even hope that our words matter somehow. What about relationships that mean something? What about the conversations that last hours and leave your abs hurting because you have been belly laughing? Where are the friends that we can talk about the hard stuff with? Do we have those people in our life?

Just a year ago, I began the journey to find those people for myself. The people that I call “my people” are the ones that I hang out with when adulting is just too seriously hard for me to handle alone. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t like it. I don’t like putting myself out there to get rejected and hurt. I hated and still hate when people don’t message me back after I put my heart through a blue message. Yet, sometimes, those tiny messages find their way through to my phone and into my heart. The messages that say, “I care. I’ll be here when you need me” and mainly “I’m your friend and I love you for you.”

Last year, I found my friends, not through a bright screen but through the lost art of words on a page. I found the people that would take the time to write me love letters. Not gushy, romantic love letters but ones that told me I could walk through life and they would be there to do it with me. Each letter taught me something. How to be brave. How to let go. How to take depression and punch it in the face. How to have the gritty talks and how to suck it up when I need to. How to to say yes and how to say no. How to pray and how to talk to God. How to leave my bright screen in my pocket and enjoy life a little more.

This type of friendship encouraged me to in turn do this for others. I am a person of action and of movement. So, I created a email where anybody can ask for a letter. A letter created of words whether electronically or written on a page. Words that bring hope and make you want to continue on. I want to create a tribe of world changers and fire starters. So, I really hope you write me. And when you do, I will write you back with words that will bring hope and a friendship that isn’t solely based on how many likes we give each other. Write your heart out.

So let’s start. Please comment below and share with me some of the topics you hope I will handle in the year ahead. I will be reading.


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