Preventative Measures

One of my favorite expressions to use when someone asks how I’m feeling or how things are going is just type “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Obviously that doesn’t go over well in verbal conversations but it translates to something between “ahhhhhhh”, “eeeeeee”, and “you know”. Life has been kicking me in the face, to be frank. Between my relationships, my school work, and my job, there just doesn’t seem to be enough Bethany to go around.

By my saying that I don’t mean physically. Though, I do tend to be running from one thing to the next. I mainly meant emotionally. It’s sometimes difficult for me to spread my emotions out over all things that deserve attention. I want to care about every problem everyone I know is going through, all of my assignments, all of my responsibilities, but there comes a point when I just stop and stare. (I think I’m moving but I go nowhere. OneRepublic, anyone? Eh? Eh? Alright.) I can’t seem to focus anymore because I’ve actually hit my limit. Does this ever happen to you?

I find that when I come to this point, I take a break. My breaks are usually in the form of a nap or Shark Tank. I love that show. That break is a time for me to care about if that entrepreneur is getting the right deal that they need without giving away too much equity. Unfortunately, these breaks don’t come as often as they should. I’d rather fight fire with fire than admit defeat. Though, I just found out some forest fires ARE actually fought with fires. Not the point. Interestingly enough, when a tree becomes too hot it can catch fire and this spreads to all the other trees and causes a forest fire. We do that, don’t we? We just do so much that we can’t handle it anymore and then we catch fire. This fire causes us to push off our problems onto other people and set everyone’s world a flame.

There’s nothing productive about letting yourself burst into flame. You hear it all the time and you read it on a lot of inspirational sourced paraphernalia, but you are important. You should be your priority. It is NOT selfish. Much easier said than done, I can attest to that. I’m learning every single day. I’ve got to not let myself get burnt out on life but to step back and pause, preferably a few days before I would have exploded.

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