The One Thing I Can’t Do

Alright, confession time.

I generally am not the type of person to be intimidated by challenges in life. For the most part, I may initially be annoyed with said challenge’s inconvenient timing in my life, and then I just hunker down and try to get through it. There is one challenge, however, that I simply have not yet been able to overcome.

Getting my driver’s license.

It’s stupid, really, because I can drive. In high school, my driving instructor told me that I was one of the best driving students he’d taught in years. As an adult (when I had to take the driving course again because it had been too much time in between my last permit and the one that I was applying for), I was told the same thing. Get this, I even have my own set of car keys. I’ve had them for four years.

I’ve driven short distances – to the store or to the bank – and I’ve driven long distances, like the three hour return home from a beach trip (all under the supervision of my licensed husband, of course!). So why is it that I always seem to be too intimidated to pass a driving test? It’s pathetic, to say the least, because I am 31 years old. My last test administrator was younger than I am.

For a long time, though, I did not really need to drive. I lived in a big, well-connected city and I could get everywhere that I needed to go on my own. I loved riding the metro in the mornings to work, because it was my “calm before the storm.” I could read a book, watch videos on Facebook, listen to music, and look in awe at my beautiful city as the sun rose over it in the mornings.

But we’ve since moved from that bustling metropolis and into a quiet and quaint little part of the USA in which there are no buses. There are no trains. And unlike before, I now have a baby who has doctor appointments and for whom I sometimes need to go and buy things suddenly. I also have health concerns for which I must regularly see a doctor – the logistics of planning everything around my husband’s work schedule is starting to become a strain on our lives. It’s about time I get that license.

And although I feel confident in my ability to drive, I can’t help but feel as though I’ll mess something up on the test. Sometimes I think I will end up as one of those people who never gets a license. But, if we’re going to live in this town, I have to step up my game.

I just hope I can do it.

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