Have you ever stopped and realized how much time you spend your phone? For me, my phone is my life. I have all my emails connected to my phone, important contacts, writing ideas, alarms, social media apps, and the list goes on. I am completely consumed by my phone and I absolutely despise myself for it. It’s one of the biggest distractions in my life. I know I can live without it but I’m unfortunately not able to, due to the fact that half of my important contacts are school related, and I have to keep up with them with assignments. Recently I’ve decided to change that.

            At the start of this month, I went rogue and have pressed pause. I’m going to be less on my phone, and more on myself and my surroundings. Throughout the week I have class Monday through Friday at nine in the morning, but I get out of class at different times each day. By taking a break from my phone I’m having more of a peace of mind. I have become more focused on the important things, and less on the little things. Even though it’s good to enjoy the little things, is it good to care about what so and so posted on Instagram? No, it’s not. What I have noticed is that I’ve gotten a lot more done — especially with my school work. Granted it is hard to not be on my phone every second, but spending a lot of time on my phone is unhealthy. I’d very much rather be working on homework, or cleaning my room. I don’t know how long this will last, but I recommend giving it a try!

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